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TV & Radio


The Fatherhood Foundation has used TV for over six years to encourage both Mums and Dads by producing TV Commercials which air on both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as Community Service Announcements (CSA’s).

To view any of the CSA’s produced by the Fatherhood Foundation please click on the links below.

2009 Fathers Day Campaign

2009 Fathers Day CSA 1

2009 Fathers Day CSA 2

2009 Mothers Day Campaign

2007 Father ’s Day CSA’s

2007 Fathers Day CSA 1 (Dads are Important)

2007 Fathers Day CSA 2 (Put Your Family First)

2007 Fathers Day CSA 3 (Spend Time Make Memories)


2007 Mother’s Day CSA’s

2007 Mothers Day CSA 1 (Mother & Children)

2007 Mothers Day CSA 2 (Just Wanna Say Thankyou)

2007 Mothers Day CSA 3 (We Love You Mum)


2006 Father’s Day CSA’s

2006 Fathers Day CSA 1 (Wrestling)

2006 Fathers Day CSA 2 (Superdad)

2006 Fathers Day CSA 3 (Facepainting)


2006 Mother’s Day CSA’s

2006 Mothers Day (Value Your Wife This Mothers Day)

2006 Mothers Day (Appreciate Your Mum This Mothers Day)


2005 Father’s Day CSA’s

2005 Fathers Day CSA 1 (My Dad I Love Him Heaps)

2005 Fathers Day CSA 2 ( Give Your Best So Your Kids Can Too)

2005 Fathers Day CSA 3 (Every Son Needs a Father)

2005 Fathers Day CSA 4 (Every Daughter Needs Her Father)


2004 Father’s Day CSA’s

2004 Fathers Day CSA 1 (When I Look Up I See My Father-1)

2004 Fathers Day CSA 2 (When I Look Up I See My Father-2)


2003 Father’s Day CSA’s

2003 Fathers Day CSA 1 (Thank God For Dads 1)

2003 Fathers Day CSA 1 (Long) (Thank God For Dads 1)

2003 Fathers Day CSA 2 (Thank God For Dads 2)

2003 Fathers Day CSA 3 (Thank God For Dads 3)


2002 Father’s Day CSA’s

2002 Fathers Day CSA 1 (Dads Are Strong)

2002 Fathers Day CSA 2 (Dads Are There to Fix Things)

2002 Fathers Day CSA 3 (Dads Teach You Things)



Listen to the Fatherhood Foundations Dads on the Air special (website) which aired on Tuesday 11th March 2008.

Name Format Size Download
Dads on the Air: Fatherhood Foundation mp3/48kbs 31mb Download


The following are 12 family, faith & fatherhood spots from Warwick Marsh, founder of Fatherhood Foundation that aired on 941FM.

Name Format Size Download
Shine mp3/128kbs 558kb Download
3 Things Remain mp3/128kbs 601kb Download
Unconditional Love mp3/128kbs 587kb Download
Never Give Up mp3/128kbs 612kb Download
Loving Fathers mp3/128kbs 645kb Download
Marriage mp3/128kbs 626kb Download
About Time mp3/128kbs 583kb Download
Identity mp3/128kbs 644kb Download
Prayer mp3/128kbs 548kb Download
Still The One mp3/128kbs 668kb Download
Tell Them the Way You Feel mp3/128kbs 532kb Download
Where is the Love mp3/128kbs 616kb Download


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