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Senate Select Committee on Men's Health Submission

Senate Inquiry Men's Health

Senate Inquiry Men's Health 13 Mar 09


List of Supporting Documents & Research Papers

1. ‘Fathers in Families’, © 2005 which documents the high cost of fatherlessness
and the subsequent cost to our health as a nation, published by the Fatherhood

2. ‘21 Reasons Why Marriage Matters’ © 2004, which documents the health
benefits of strong sustainable marriage to men and women, published by the
Fatherhood Foundation.

3. The booklet ’16 Reasons for Sexual Integrity’ © 2005, published by the
Fatherhood Foundation documents the benefits of promoting quality
relationships between men and women which shows that the practice of sexual
integrity safeguards human health.

4. ’21 Reasons Why Gender Matters’ © 2007, published by the Fatherhood
Foundation, documents the gender differences between men and women and
the need to celebrate our complimentarity, and outlines the health benefits that
come from positive family relationships.

5. Reference: Report by AIHW: Mortality over 20th Century. A great reference
tool for analysis of mortality in Australia.

6. The Roseto Effect: An Independent referenced article on the powerful effects of
positive relationships for good health.



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