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Fathers in Crisis

Fathers & the Global Financial Crisis

The following links and articles are a resource for fathers to help them better understand and cope with the Global Financial Crisis.

Many commentators believe we have a long period of financial instability ahead of it that could result in significant job losses for fathers in many parts of the world, resulting in hardship for families.

It is imperative that individuals do their own analysis and make their own judgements.

The Fatherhood Foundation does not agree with every commentator's views or opinions but provides the following information in order for the general public to make up their own mind about their personal course of action on what is best for them and their own family.

Vanity Fair: Wall Street Lays Another Egg by Niall Ferfuson
Niall Ferguson is Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History at Harvard University and a Senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford. This is an excellent article to provide an overview of the GFC from an historical point of view.

Economic Brief: Solving the economic crisis: what will replace the idealogy of globalism? by Patick J Byrne, NCC National Vice-President. This paper gives an interesting outline of the GFC and its ramifications from an Australian point of view.

Associate Professor Steve Keen, Western Sydney University. This website has some very pertinent economic information for Australia and the GFC.

Gerald Celente YouTube Interview on mainstream USA TV is both revealing and challenging. Please check it out and make up your own mind.

Trends Research Institute: Gerald Celente - The world leader in trend forecasting delivers concise, deployable success strategies to corporate clients.

Peter Schiff, author of 'Crashproof', is a financial forecaster and investment adviser who is prepared to be different. This is an interview recorded in 2006 which shows his ability for accuracy.

Peter Schiff: 'Why the meltdown should have surprised no one.'

G Edward Griffin is the author of 'The Creature from Jekyll Island', first published in 1994. This book foretells our current situation in great detail. It is really a book about the history of banking over the last couple of centuries with a particular focus on the USA Federal Reserve.

G Edward Griffin website.



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