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News & Media Room

2013 Media Releases

Date Title Download
30/08/2013 Father's Day 2013 Download
13/08/2013 Betrayal of Our Children Download
12/06/2013 Award winning documentary at Dendy Download
14/05/2013 Absent Film Tour Download



2012 Media Releases

Date Title Download
03/12/2012 'Maybe I Do' Book Release Download
19/11/2012 IMD Promoting Positive Role Models Download
16/11/2012 International Mens Day 2012 Download
19/10/2012 Link between pornography and sex trafficking Download
28/09/2012 Thanks to Parliamentarians Download
02/09/2012 Happy Fathers Day Download
01/09/2012 How to Raise Great Kids Download
31/08/2012 'Be a Dad' ads Download
14/08/2012 National Marriage Day Download
14/08/2012 Family Leaders Unite Download
06/06/2012 Sunrise program attacks marriage Download
17/05/2012 HRC gives Equality a Bad Name Download
15/03/2012 Fatherless Society Download



2011 Media Releases

Date Title Download
03/12/2011 Dark Day for Australia's Children Download
03/09/2011 Tips for Dads Download
02/09/2011 Fathers Day present from hell Download
23/08/2011 Labor Greens Shared Parenting Rollback Download
16/08/2011 Tears for our Children Download
13/05/2011 Put Children First Download
07/05/2011 Mothers Day Call to Arms Download
23/04/2011 URGENT Save the Lives of our Children Download



2010 Media Releases

Date Title Download
05/09/2010 Seven Ways to be a Great Dad Download
04/09/2010 Fathers are Important Download
03/09/2010 Dads4Kids Congratulates all Australian Dads Download
03/09/2010 The Vote to Promote a Fatherless Society Download
30/08/2010 Govt Inspired Bill to Rob Children Download | Act Now
16/06/2010 Masculinity Crisis Download
06/05/2010 Mums Day Release Download



2009 Media Releases

Date Title Download
05/09/2009 A Father First Download
04/09/2009 Helping Kids Win Download
03/09/2009 Build a Foundation Download
10/06/2009 Call for Govt Office Download
17/06/2009 Transcript Mens Health Summit Download
16/06/2009 Desperate Need for Mens' Health Download
08/05/2009 Working Mothers Download
02/05/2009 Family Law Court Download
02/05/2009 TV Stations airing CSAs Download
02/05/2009 Mothers Are Angels from Above Download



2008 Media Releases

Date Title Download
15/06/2008 Men's Health Policy Announcement Download
06/06/2008 Misc Acts Amendment (Same Sex Relationships) Download
03/06/2008 The Cost of Fatherlessness Download
02/06/2008 Political Correctness Hurting Children Download
31/05/2008 NSW Government Dismiss Dads Download
28/05/2008 Call for Action to the Mothers & Fathers of Australia Download
28/05/2008 Dads4Kids Forum Registration Form Download
09/05/2008 Long Live Mothers Download
23/04/2008 Fatherhood Summit Download
14/04/2008 Children Lose - Fathers Left Out Download
13/04/2008 Summit Fatally Flawed Download
18/03/2008 Men's Health Needs Fixing Download
14/03/2008 Men & Father's Health Forum Download
12/03/2008 Men & Father's Health Fact Sheet Download



2007 Media Releases

Date Title Download
17/9/2007 Marriage Manifesto Download
16/9/2007 What's Best for our Children Download
1/9/2007 Communication Ideas Download
31/8/2007 Be a Great Dad Download
30/8/2007 Father's Day 2007 Download
29/8/2007 Restoration of Fatherhood Download
28/8/2007 Mens & Fathers Family Friendly Forum Download
26/6/2007 Action on Porn Problem Download
18/3/2007 Mother's Day 2007 Download



2006 Media Releases

Date Title Download
13/10/2006 Media Release Brian Molitor Download
11/10/2006 Media Release Gordon Moyes Download
30/08/2006 Media Release Fathers Day Download
16/05/2006 Media Release Flawed Filtering Programme Download
12/05/2006 Media Release Mothers Day Download
31/03/2006 Media Release Flawed Family Law Reform Passed Download
27/03/2006 Media Release Family Law Reform Fiasco Download
26/03/2006 Media Release Putting Our Children First Download
26/03/2006 Media Release Fathers Call on Senators Download
24/03/2006 Media Release Support of Internet Filtering Download



2005 Media Releases

Date Title Download
24/11/2005 MEDIA RELEASE Integ All Download
20/11/2005 Media Release Download
05/08/2005 Sexual Integrity Forum Press Release Download
30/06/2005 Media Release Download



2004 Media Releases

Date Title Download
04/09/2004 Mentoring Press Release Download
08/08/2004 ABORTION where are the Fathers Download
03/08/2004 NATIONAL MARRIAGE COALITION press release Download
15/07/2004 Pres Release G2G Download
07/06/2004 Media Release Download
23/01/2004 MEDIA RELEASE public schools Download



2003 Media Releases

Date Title Download
12/12/2003 Press Release M&D Download
05/12/2003 MEDIA RELEASE M.Latham congrats Download
14/11/2003 Media Release Download
05/09/2003 Media Release Download
04/09/2003 Open Letter to News Editors Download
27/08/2003 Media Release Download
26/06/2003 Media Release Download
21/06/2003 Media Release Download
21/06/2003 Media Release OpenLetter to PM Download
26/05/2003 Press Release-Age of Consent Download
08/05/2003 Media RELEASE Mothers Day Download
10/02/2003 Press Release Download



2002 Media Releases

Date Title Download
28/08/2002 Fatherhood Forum Press Release Download
27/08/2002 Press Release Download


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