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Value Mothers 2009

Value Mothers 2009 Campaign

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and just like Father’s Day, it is a very important day of the year. The Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation is seeking support for a special campaign, ‘Value Mothers 2009’ to help our children.

It is not just fatherhood, but also motherhood, which has been under attack over the last 3 decades. Mothers are greatly undervalued in today’s materialistic society.

The goal of the Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation is to help children. In study after study, the world over, it has been proven that children fare best when raised by their own mother and father, who share a warm and loving relationship. In the foreword to ‘Mothering Denied’ by Dr Peter Cook, well known family author Steve Biddulph says:

It now appears that mother-baby interaction, in the first year especially, is the very foundation of human emotions and intelligence. In the most essential terms, love grows the brain. The capacities for what make us most human—empathy, co-operation, intimacy, the fine timing and sensitivity that makes a human being charismatic, loving, and self-assured—are passed from mother to baby, especially if that mother is herself possessed of these qualities, and supported and cared for, so that she can bring herself to enjoy and focus on the task.

Just as the Fatherhood Foundation has run Community Service Announcements on national TV to support, strengthen and encourage dads, it wants to do the same for mums.  To achieve this we have produced 2 X 30 second CSAs featuring children and their thoughts on motherhood. Click here to view the 2009 Mother’s Day campaign. Their answers to the questions presented are both humorous and revealing.

Mothers are valuable. Will you help us get this message out? Media Releases must be prepared and we must continue to encourage the TV stations to play our TV adverts to highlight the importance of mothers.

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $10,000. We are looking for major sponsors who can invest several thousand dollars. We are also looking for motherhood supporters who can invest $100 or even $50. All those who contribute to this special 2009 Mother’s Day campaign will have their names listed on our website under ‘Value Mothers 2009’. You may use the online giving facility or give directly to the Fatherhood Foundation’s bank account:
Fatherhood Foundation Public Fund Inc 9877518
Westpac Wollongong
BSB: 032 695
A/C# 25 5558

Please send an email to info@fatherhood.org.au so that we can include you on the website donor list.

The greatest thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. If we as fathers do not champion mothers, who will? As Dr Steve Biddulph has already pointed out, “Mothers are vital to the well being of our children”.

Donate now and be assured that you are helping the children of this nation. Remember all donations are tax deductible and will be gratefully received to help cover the costs associated with the ‘Value Mothers 2009’ Campaign.


Yours for encouraging Mothers
Warwick Marsh
Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation


Value Mothers 2009 Sponsorship Categories

The purpose of the TV and media Value Mothers 2009 is to support, care, encourage and value the mothers of Australia. The beneficiaries of the Value Mothers 2009 campaign are the children and families of Australia.

Please find listed below the sponsorship categories.  TV, print radio and web campaigns such as the proposed campaign usually, cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars. However the Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation has a long history of doing a lot with little. Our true costs are far in excess of $10,000 but we are hopeful that all the costs of the Value Mothers 2009 campaign will be met in due course. Your donation will help us meet the true costs of this campaign.

Thanks again for your support.

All are minimum figures and it is expected that we will have multiple sponsors in all categories.

Gold Value Mothers 2009 Sponsor

Minimum investment $4,000.


Silver Value Mothers 2009 Sponsor

Minimum investment $1,500.


Bronze Value Mothers 2009 Sponsor

Minimum investment $750.


Supporting Organisations Value Mothers 2009 Sponsor

Minimum investment $250.

Lone Fathers Association – Canberra ACT
Men’s Confraternity – Victoria Park WA
Men of Integrity – Pt Macquarie NSW
Fathers4Equality – Sydney NSW
dads in distress – Coffs Harbour NSW
Shared Parenting Council – Bunbury WA
New Horizon Video Productions – Robertson NSW
IM & WJ Taylor – Caragabal NSW
Berg Photography – West Wollongong NSW
Roxburgh Securities – Perth WA


Supporting Individuals Value Mothers 2009 Sponsor

Minimum investment $50.

Terence Conway – Georges Hall NSW
Josh Reid – Fairy Meadow NSW
Damian Spinaze – Toowoomba QLD
Geoff Mongan – Campbell ACT
Ken Lister – Cooma NSW 
Brian Gollop – Armidale NSW





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