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Trust, Leadership and Self Esteem


Trust is the foundation stone for life. That foundation is the stone of integrity. We must become the change we seek. He that wants to be trusted must show himself trustworthy. Integrity is what you are in the dark. It is only when you can trust yourself that others can trust you.



Trust is the beginning of leadership and the end of it as well, because a leader must remain trustworthy. A good leader must be able to articulate a vision, but more importantly, he must be the vision. That is why being a father can be so difficult. Your children will become what you are, not just what you say. True vision is born deep within the human heart. Brigadier Jim Wallace says, "True leadership is spiritual." In many ways this is true. To embrace the challenge of being a great father you must be prepared to investigate the natural and spiritual requirements that good leadership entails.


Self Esteem

Self esteem is the building block of love. You must love others as yourself. If you hate yourself, you will hate others. If you hate yourself, you will hate your children, but if you lean to love yourself, you can also love your children. It is only when they are loved by you that they can love themselves and begin to love others. So the cycle of love continues - with dads being so important in the cycle of love, trust and self esteem.



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