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Men & Fathers Strategic Roundtable

Parliament House in Canberra 10AM – 4:30PM, Tuesday 19 November 2013

Dads4Kids is organising a Men & Fathers Strategic Roundtable in Parliament House in Canberra from 10AM– 4:30PM on Tuesday 19 November 2013. The 19 November is also International Mens Day. This is an Invitation Only event mainly because of space restrictions but we are willing to receive applications from leaders from men and fathers groups and interested parties. Applications close 11 November 2013. If space is available we will consider your attendance. In the first instance email your application and the background of the organisation you represent and why you are interested to attend the Men & Fathers Strategic Roundtable to Warwick Marsh at info@dads4kids.org.au.

The Men and Fathers Strategic Roundtable is to be held to commemorate International Men’s Day on the 19 November and also celebrate the release of ‘The Modern (Aussie) Man Whitepaper’ a Study and Research Project on Australian Men by Carolyn Managh who is a research strategist with M & C Saatchi.

We are also holding the Men and Fathers Strategic Roundtable in order to update the original 12Pt Plan which was first released on June 2003 in Federal Parliament by the Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation in cooperation with leaders from the men and fathers’ movement. Part of that strategic policy was the commendation for government action for a national and holistic approach to a Men’s Health Policy to help both men and fathers.

The Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation has held many events at Parliament House to promote fatherhood, families, healthy masculinity and men’s health. The ‘Men and Fathers’ Strategic Roundtable’ would be another in the long list of such events held at Parliament House such as the ‘Men and Fathers Family Friendly Policy Forum’ in 2007. and the ‘Men and Fathers Health Summit’ in 2009. It might be noted that it was because of the Men and Father’s Family Friendly Policy Forum in 2007 and the policy presentation by Professor John MacDonald at that forum in Parliament House that the former Labor Government adopted a National Men’s Health Policy.

The format for the invitation-only Men and Fathers’ Strategic Roundtable in Parliament House will be as follows:

  1.  Men and Fathers Strategic Roundtable from 10AM – 4:30PM Tuesday 19 November 2013 Parliament House Canberra.
    Lunchtime Launch between 12:30-1:30PM of “The Modern (Aussie) Man Whitepaper” a Study and Research Project on Australian Men by Carolyn Managh.
    Open Invitation for Policy Presentations for Parliamentarians between 3:30PM and 4:30PM.
  2. Interactions are anticipated but not guaranteed with both Ministers and Shadow Ministers and parliamentarians from both sides of politics. The Men and Fathers’ Strategic Roundtable will be strictly bipartisan in every respect and it is our goal to continue to draw the new government’s attention to the many issues facing men and fathers in Australia today, as well as promote positive family friendly policy to Government and Parliamentarians to help the men and children and families of Australia.
  3.  The Men and Fathers Strategic Roundtable will consist of some short formal presentations and reports on Men and Father’s Policy needs and possible updates to the 12Pt Plan for the Ten Year Anniversary of its release in 2003. Full agenda will be provided to attendees in due course. The rest of the Strategic Roundtable will involve informal discussion on the above business items and subsequent policy presentations with parliamentarians later in the day.
  4.  Attendance at Men and Fathers Strategic Roundtable is free of cost but any donations to the Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation would be greatly appreciated to help with our organisational expenses for the Roundtable. Donations are Tax Deductible and can be made here.

The Men & Fathers Strategic Roundtable for Parliament House in Canberra from 10 – 4:30PM on Tuesday 19 November 2013 is a great opportunity for us to promote the continuance and increase in funding for the National Men’s Health Policy which we have all fought for so long to introduce into Public Policy.

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