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This section will include:
  • Fatherhood Blogs
  • Fatherhood Discussion Groups
  • Family Forums
  • Polls
  • Familyspace
  • Fatherhood Hall of Fame
  • Familypedia

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To enjoy many of these features in the interim, we suggest that you register for our free weekly email newsletter for busy dads.

Fathersonline is one of the longest running and most comprehensive weekly emails for fathers in the world, reaching thousands of dads each week. Fathersonline commenced in 2002 and has produced a newsletter every week since.

The following features, plus more, are found in the fathersonline newsletter:

  • Grandfathers
  • Single Dads
  • Marriage
  • Special Feature
  • Thought for the Week
  • News and Info
  • Humour

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