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Health, Wealth and Happiness


Health is something that we so often take for granted but it is the foundation stone for creating wealth and the ability to enjoy the wealth created.
Health is also a foundation for success as a father.

Your children need an active and involved father, committed to being around for as long as possible.
Children need a living dad not a dead one.
The basics for living a long and healthy life are the same for everyone.

Ten Tips for Living Longer

1) Eat lots of whole unrefined plant food.

2) Avoid animal based foods.

3) Avoid highly refined foods and fatty foods.
These three eating tips will help you live a long and happy life.

Note: If you don't believe me read 'The China Study' by Dr Colin Campbell (To order your copy of The China Study contact Mark Bourne: traks@tpg.com.au who will give you a great deal at a great price) or 'Laughter, Sex, Vegetables & Fish' by Australia's Dr John Tickell. Dr John points out that carnivores have short intestines but herbivores have long intestines. Mankind fits into the latter mould and too much animal protein, refined and fatty food is a recipe for disaster. The more plant based foods you eat, the more you will want to exercise. The more you exercise the healthier you will be and so the cycle continues.

4) Move your body.
A sedentary life will kill you. You need to engage in aerobic optimum exercise: walking, swimming, running, cycling and some simple weight training. Both together will help burn more calories, lose more weight and ward off depression. You will not only feel better, but you will look better. Regular exercise will improve your sex life and help you remain in a healthy state of mind.

5) Work hard and play hard.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Give your work everything you've got, but make sure you do the same in your recreation. Life is for living. Enjoy the moment and love life - you will live longer and be happier. Have at least one day off every seven. If it's good enough for God, it's good enough for you. The human pulse rate slows down every seven days. Slow down and kick back and hang out with family and friends. Going to church once every seven days is not a bad idea, as we will see later. Make sure you take regular holidays, spouse breaks and self breaks. See Dr John Tickell's book for more info.

6) Laugh a lot.
Laughter is the shortest distance between two people Laughter is great for your health, outlook and your relationships. All are related. Ignore all at your peril. The oldest book in the world says: a merry heart is good like a medicine.

7) Put family first.
Guard your relationships. Our relationships define us. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Giving is the key to life and loving is the key to health in body, soul and spirit. Love everyone, forgive yourself and others and you will become a well spring of life for your family, your community and a source of blessing to the world, not to mention that you will live longer and happier as well.

8) Stay motivated, go for gold, enjoy your work, excel at what you do, get wisdom and pursue knowledge.
Never stop growing and do your best to become the best. People with PhDs live longer than those with Master degrees. Actors with an Oscar live longer than those without. Positive achievement not only provides forward motion but leads to a longer period on the planet.

9) Avoid stupid and self destructive addictive behaviours.
Dr John Tickell says, "It is impossible to be intelligent and smoke at the same time." Alcohol will kill you too unless extreme caution is used. Drug addiction and other forms of deviancy will lead you to an early grave. Nothing can be better than living a well balanced natural life according to the dictum 'moderation in all things'. This is also the short road to happiness.

10) Those who pray live longer than those who don't.
Researchers at Duke University USA found that those who prayed or mediated live longer than those who did not. Dr Herbert Benson says that repetitive prayer or mediation can block stress hormones and may help improve health because of the calming effect. Dr Koenig from his six year study said that 'People who attended a religious service at least once a week were 46% less likely to die.'



Wealth is a by-product of being healthy and living wisely. The phrase, 'healthy, wealthy and wise' sums it up nicely. Wealth creation has a lot to do with living within your means, budgeting, saving, investing and choosing your vocation wisely. Money is a terrible master but a wonderful servant. The challenge is not to be consumed by our need for money and forget to live in the process but to be content with what we have and work towards greater wealth and assets that will benefit our family and contribute to our future happiness. It is easy to make money if we disregard our family relationships and ignore our fiends. The saying, 'the friendless owner of the world is poor' sums it up.

We cannot afford the emotional devastation that we will reap if we forget to live a balanced life. True success comes as we maintain our health, enjoy our work continue to create wealth for the sake of our loved one and enjoy and maintain our relationships with our children and wife. This indeed is being healthy, wealthy and wise in more ways than one.



All of the above will lead to a very happy life.
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