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Courses & Seminars

GOOD TO GREAT Fathering Course

Good to Great is the revolutionary approach to combating a crisis in Australian fatherhood which is affecting our children. Dads4Kids, based in Wollongong, Australia, is pioneering this innovative advance in fatherhood training which is now available at a national level.

Almost one million Australian children are growing up in a home without their biological father. Research shows that this is not the optimum environment for children to grow up in. Many children and indeed adults, carry a father-wound inflicted by careless or uninvolved fathers. Many men who are now fathers still feel the old wounds inflicted by their own father. The challenge is to break this generational cycle and create a better place for our children. Mothers will also reap the benefits of more involved and committed fathers. We are talking about education, support, recognition and a mutual sense of achievement for groups of men who together strive for excellence in the most important task of their lives. Men partnering together for a fathering break-through.

Good to Great is all about inspiring and equipping fathers to go to the next level as a dad. Every young child believes that his or her father is the best dad in the world. Good to Great is about preparing fathers to prove their children right, one family at a time.

Knowledge empowers people to rise above their circumstances. The Good to Great Fathering Course provides foundational information and skills to assist men in understanding and prioritising their relationships. The Good to Great Fathering Course deals with the real issues of effective fathering. Core topics addressed include:

  • Keys for success
  • goal setting
  • love & marriage
  • building relationships
  • values
  • listening /communicating
  • conflict resolution
  • unconditional love
  • fun & laughter
  • secret of forgiveness
  • learning lessons
  • moving forward
  • humour & health
  • exercise & food
  • key to friendship
  • spiritual foundations
  • servant leadership
  • lifelong mentoring
  • power of praise
  • rites of passage
  • sexual integrity
  • managing testosterone
  • mystery of sex
  • mystery of fatherhood
  • time management

Structure of the course is as follows:

Training will be conducted in small groups with a heavy emphasis on interactive and experiential learning. Fatherhood mentors will provide hands-on practical advice for the challenge of moving to a greater level of fathering excellence. This course will run for ten weeks. An extra week is included at the conclusion of the course for the Graduation and Family Celebration Night.

The course commences at 7.00 pm and concludes at approximately 9.30 pm. The first hour will be allocated to a speaker followed by a question time.
A 15 minute break for tea and coffee will follow.
The final period is allocated to group work, written questions, discussion, field exercises and reporting sessions.

The training regime will be tough and a high level of commitment will be expected and required. Entry requirements will likewise be high to help ensure successful completion of the course. Encouraging a sense of camaraderie and mateship between fathers will aid in dissemination of the benefits of this course to those fathers who are unable to undertake the training themselves. Personal recommendation is still the best advertisement.

The course will be designed around practical components or ‘field exercises’. Activities designed to bring to bear a positive fathering skill such as romancing your wife, strengthening effective communications with your children, showing appreciation of the gift and the responsibility that is fatherhood. Skills and knowledge learned or applied during exercises, together with strong peer and mentoring support will make this a challenging and rewarding learning experience.

The Good to Great training program will be modelled on the training plan of Australia’s elite Special Forces, the SAS. The SAS is recognised as one of the very best elite military forces in the world. Those who survive the training regime are the best of the best, proficient, disciplined and committed leaders. Likewise successful recruits for the Good to Great Fathering Course must be confident, capable men, passionate for excellence as fathers and able to lead other men in the offensive against the threats posed to our children by fatherlessness, dysfunction and complacency.

Download the Course Prospectus | Application Form

Contact Dads4Kids for more information on the Good to Great Fathering Course.



Courageous Fathering Online Course

The Leading Online Fathering Course in the World

The Courageous Online Fathering Course is a practical Step-by-Step guide on how to become a great dad and ‘Lead by Example’ to give your children the best start in life.

The Courageous Online Fathering Course features 28 interviews with dads from all over the world sharing their personal experiences, ideas and ‘top three tips’ on how to be a great dad.

Many of these 28 Dads are qualified Good to Great Trainers or fatherhood and family authors/speaker themselves and so have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.

The fathers interviewed include Australian, Indigenous Australian, South African, Fijian, Chinese-Indonesian, UK and USA fathers with a wide range of occupations; Air Force Pilots, Authors, Engineers, Teachers, Farmers, Doctors, Builders and many others.

Courageous has young dads, older dads, dads with teenage children, single dads and grandads. This course is for all fathers who want to take their fathering to the next level and want to be dads who dare win for their children.

The course is built around the strategy of peer to peer learning. Men learn best from other men. The beauty of having 28 different fathers to learn from, is that course participants can draw wisdom and tips from a very diverse and comprehensive group of fathers.

If you are a Dad, about to be a Dad, A single Dad or a Grandad – this is the course for you.

From our research, we believe the Courageous Online Fathering Course is the best ‘Do-It-Yourself Manual’ on how to be a Great Dad available online today.

What is included?

  • Courageous has 10 main course video lecture modules with a bonus session.
  • Over three hours of course video with audio podcasts included.
  • Bonus videos and eleven PDF colour info posters and articles with lifetime access.
  • Udemy Certificate included.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to be a better Dad so that your children can excel and thrive
  • Learn how to make your children feel special and achieve their dreams
  • Learn the importance of fathers, for children and families
  • Discipline from the place of love
  • Discover the power of eating together
  • Tips on how to be a successful single dad
  • Build positive memories with your children
  • Discover one hundred ways to praise your child
  • Cultivate eleven traits of manhood
  • Learn the secret of intentional fathering
  • Invest in the bank of love for your wife and children
  • Understand the importance of rites of passage
  • Tips on the art of romance
  • Recognize the importance of loving your children’s mother
  • Learn the joy of sex by putting your wife’s needs first
  • Deal with the challenge of testosterone
  • Learn the strength of self-control
  • Discover the power of forgiveness

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Daring Dads

Daring Dads

'Daring Dads' is a 2 hour course, specifically designed for expectant, first-time fathers. The course does not replace any existing prenatal classes or instruction, but is designed as a complimentary service for dads who want to go the extra mile and embrace excellence in fathering. 'Daring Dads' draws its inspiration from the most successful new fathering course in the world called 'Bootcamp for New Dads', www.bcnd.org.

This prenatal course for new dads has been in operation for 16 years. The

Fatherhood Foundation team have been in contact with Greg Bishop, founder of 'Bootcamp for New Dads'. Greg Bishop is a health professional as well as a passionate father. The foundational concepts of ''Daring Dads'' are taken directly from 'Bootcamp for New Dads'. The Fatherhood Foundation is working towards full accreditation status of 'Daring Dads' with Bootcamp for New Dads on the condition that 'Daring Dads' is able to develop its program to meet the needs of Australia's new fathers in their own unique Australian cultural context.

Target Audience: Expectant fathers 39 months gestation. The goal of 'Daring Dads' is to resource fathers to enable them to achieve excellence in fathering by helping new dads:

  1. Gain confidence as dads through a proactive, interactive, peer-based learning experience.
  2. Receive answers to the many question that new fathers have but were too afraid to ask.
  3. Understand the needs of their child's mother, before, during and after the delivery of their child.
  4. Understand the best ways to support mother and child before, during and after birth.

For further information regarding course dates please phone 02 4272 6677.

'Men are experiential learners. 'Daring Dads' is a unique, Australian course designed for dads who are prepared to embark on the journey of excellence in fathering. Daring Dads is not for every father, but it is a great course for fathers who want to be great dads and a great support to their partners.

'Daring Dads' is still in developmental stage. After a successful trial period at Wollongong Hospital it is our aim to make 'Daring Dads' available through our growing national network. We look forward to keeping you informed on our progress

  Daring Dads

and partnering with you to build a better community.

Daring Dads' has been developed jointly by Drs Michael and Michelle Browne, who operate a well known Medial Practice in Nowra NSW, and in consultation with Warwick and Alison Marsh, founders of the Fatherhood Foundation, based in Wollongong. Dr Michael Browne is a senior lecturer at the newly formed Wollongong Medical School, Wollongong University. The Fatherhood Foundation is a national organisation with a goal to increase the proportion of children who grow up with an involved, committed, responsible and loving father www.fatherhood.org.au The Fatherhood Foundation is well known for its work promoting excellence in fathering both in the Illawarra and across the nation.

Daring Dads Poster

Daring Dads Poster   Click to download



Fatherhood Foundation Parenting Seminar

Warwick & Alison Marsh are the presenters of the Fatherhood Foundation Parenting Seminar.

Warwick & Alison have five children, ranging in age from 26 to 14 years of age. They are the founders of the Fatherhood Foundation, a national organisation dedicated to inspiring fathers and renewing families.

Warwick & Alison have been married for 32 years and have spoken on marriage and parenting issues in many countries of the world.

The Fatherhood Foundation Parenting Seminar is designed to give both mum and dad the information they need to raise a great family. Parenting is not for the fainthearted and neither is this seminar.

The seminar is comprised of four sessions, usually held on a full day, such as a Saturday.

  • Some of the subjects covered are:
  • Foundations for great parenting
  • Fixing the future by changing the past
  • Love and marriage
  • The greatest choice you can make for your children
  • Dare to discipline
  • Rites of passage
  • Power of words
  • Ten keys to becoming a great dad
  • Ten keys to becoming a great mum
  • Ten keys to raising a great family

For more information on the Fatherhood Foundation Parenting Seminar contact the Fatherhood Foundation at 02 4272 6677 or by emailing info@fatherhood.org.au


Beyond Good to Great Course

Many men have completed the Fatherhood Foundation Good to Great Course and are looking for further inspiration, encouragement and friendship/mentoring from other fathers on the journey.

Good to Great is not a destination but a journey. We are all works in progress as fathers.

The Fatherhood Foundation will be holding refresher courses for good to Great Graduates as demand increases from fathers who want to go the extra mile.

To register your interest in Good to Great, please contact the Fatherhood Foundation:


Good to Great Facilitator Training

In order to resource fathers to be the best dads they can possibly be for their children, Dads4Kids has a strategy at a foundational level to make the Good to Great Fathering Course available to every Australian father.

To do this we must raise greater donor support in order to pioneer the Good to Great Course in other cities and regional centres.

Dads4Kids offers an annual weekend Train the Trainer Course. Scholarships will be awarded to approved applicants.

More information

Please direct any enquiries to:
Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation


Fatherhood Success Seminars

A two hour seminar for fathers, keen to embark on the journey of fathering excellence.

Warwick Marsh, founder of the Fatherhood Foundation, has been conducting these seminars for some years all over Australia. At Fatherhood Success Seminars he shares the Seven Secrets for Success as a father.

Topics covered include:

  • Keys to developing relationships with your children
  • Self development for you as a father
  • Servant leadership
  • The greatest challenge - love and marriage
  • Goal setting
  • Values and spiritual foundations
  • Rites of passage
  • Having fun with your family
  • The importance of fathers
  • The mystery of fatherhood

This two hour seminar includes group discussion.
Interested groups may book by contacting the Fatherhood Foundation at 02 4272 6677


Fatherhood Speakers

Bruce Robinson Dr Bruce Robinson, (4 children), Professor of Medicine, Western Australia and author of 'Fathering from the Fast Lane', © 2001 Finch Publishing, Sydney. www.brucerobinson.com.au
Warwick Marsh Warwick Marsh, (5 children), founder of Fatherhood Foundation www.fatherhood.org.au
Contact: warwick@fatherhood.org.au
02 4272 6677
Gordon Moyes Dr Gordon Moyes (4 children), 1986 Father of the Year,
Contact: Gordon.Moyes@parliament.nsw.gov.au
Jim Wallace Brigadier Jim Wallace (2 children), former Commander in Chief of Australia's SAS. Currently an international terrorist and security consultant and head of the Australian Christian Lobby.
Contact: md@acl.org.au
02 6259 0431

Paul Osborne (9 children), former footballer, currently an ARL Public Relations Executive and ABC football commentator.
Contact: rlagents@nrl.com.au
0418 274 316


Boys to Men - Rites of Passage

The Fatherhood Foundation aims to release a teaching series in conjunction with Brian Molitor of Malachi Global www.malachiglobal.org recorded on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland during one of Brian Molitor's speaking tours in Australia.

Brian Molitor is a great communicator with a big heart. He is also a big guy, 6 ft 4", with a background, in his younger years, as a semi-professional footballer and a very keen basketball player as well. In his early days he was a lumberjack and as the years rolled on he moved into corporate training as a management consultant. Brian is listed in the Who's Who of Business Leadership for his team building and corporate coaching.

Brian shared foundation principles on lifelong mentoring and the power of a plan with us. He pointed out that if you have no plan, you have no power. Brian's message is all about intentional parenting and planning for success as fathers. He also pointed out the incredible power that a father has in his ability to bless his children and to encourage them through hugs and the appropriate use of touch.

Brian told us how one man who attended seminar was powerfully affected in a positive way through his message. While Brian spoke about dads using their hands to bless their children or curse them, this man was heavily convicted of his harsh behaviour towards his daughters. He used to slap them on the face with his hands when they did the wrong thing. He realised the error of his ways, firstly apologising to his wife in tears for his bad behaviour. He then apologised to his 16 year old and then his 14 year old daughters. They were all crying by this stage and God was healing hearts in a big way.

This family had been highly dysfunctional; fighting, swearing and throwing things at each other. They required regular counselling together just to get them through each week as a family. Because of the father's apology to his wife and daughters, the family was totally restored and did not have to attend any further counselling together.

Brian's message on rites of passage was equally impacting as he shared on the profound transformations that occur through simple celebrations of manhood or womanhood for both boys and girls.

Boy's Passage, Man's Journey  

'Boy's Passage Man's Journey' is available at www.koorong.com.au. Here are Brian Molitor's own words about the subject.

When a young male reaches his teen years, he instinctively looks for ways to affirm his manhood. In societies where rites of passage are part of the norm, each young male participates in a formal ceremony during which his manhood is publicly and undeniably affirmed. From that day forward, he is treated differently by those around him and receives more freedom, rights and privileges. In response the young man begins to think and act more an as adult than as a child. For the rest of his life he pursues maturity rather than manhood.

In contrast, a young male living in a society with no formal rites of passage must find his own path to adulthood. Without formal affirmation of his transformation, he vainly tries to find manhood on his own through a variety of means. Sadly, his pursuit of manhood rather than maturity will lead him down many side roads that are fruitless at best, destructive at worst.

While the two concepts, manhood and maturity seem very similar, they are as different as night and day. Manhood is bestowed upon a young male by the trusted elders (fathers, grandfathers, uncles, pastors, coaches, teachers) of his society during a rite of passage. Maturity is gained as a man grows in knowledge, wisdom and character. Manhood is a gift that we adults give to our sons. Maturity is the gift that they give back to us.

On the long flight from Africa, it became clear to me that without a rite of passage and some very deliberate mentoring along the way, each of us remains trapped within a false image of who we are. As I looked more deeply into the matter of 'growing up', I made a list of negative childish actions. Selfishness was definitely high on the list, followed by complaining, quitting when faced with a difficult situation, throwing temper tantrums, spewing threats of self-destruction, struggling with short attention spans, and demanding one's own way without regard for the needs of others.

It is clear that the lack of an intentional transition into adulthood creates a variety of problems for men of all ages. In an attempt to compensate for the lack of a transitional event, some teenage males unknowingly create their own rites of passage by resorting to violence, alcohol other drugs and sexual conquest. In the corporate world some men in leadership positions use the authority of their job titles to prove they have arrives, threatening others into submission. Like bullies who stalk junior-high schoolyards, these 'grown' men live to verbally wrestle and pin their weaker opponents during staff meetings.

Often men in their late thirties, forties, and fifties stumble into what is commonly called a midlife crisis. During this time men become consumed with a desire to search for meaning and identity in their lives. This sounds strangely similar to the vision quest that White Fox undertook at age fourteen.

In today's society men seem to have a difficult time settling into life. Many struggle with a 'Peter Pan syndrome'. They do not want to grow up, and yet they realise they were created for a higher purpose than endless play in never-never land. How sad it is to see men at the end of their lives, estranged from their families, still unsure about spiritual realities, still questioning the reason for their own existence, and still wondering if they have succeeded in growing into manhood. Just as sad to see are the countless families whose sons fall into the predictable traps along the road of life because they don't know what a man is, much less how to become one.


For Further Information

1. http://www.malachiglobal.org
2. http://www.rmdk.com
3. http://www.malespirituality.org
4. http://www.mtmaustralia.org.au
5. http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rite_of_passage
6. http://www.ritesofpassage.org
7. http://www.request.org.uk/main/dowhat/rites/rites01.htm Top

Current Courses & Seminars

For information on current events please click here.


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