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Founders Message

We welcome you to the Fatherhood Foundation website. Our vision is to build one of the best fatherhood websites in the world. We trust that our website helps you in your quest to be a better dad, or in your research to improve public policy.

The cost of fatherlessness and the associated harm caused by fatherlessness is very high in emotional, physical and monetary terms. The lack of an involved, protective, committed, responsible and loving father has been shown through social science research to contribute to an increase in child poverty, child sexual abuse, child emotional abuse, child physical abuse, child and adult drug abuse, child and adult increase in suicide, child and adult self harm, and much other destructive and abusive human behaviour.

The harmful effects of fatherlessness have been documented in 'Fathers in Families' © Fatherhood Foundation, second edition June 2005. The preamble to The 12pt Plan, from the same document, says, "Fatherlessness can be defined as the absence of an active, positive father-influence in the lives of children. Fatherlessness is both a natural and spiritual problem. It needs strategic and synergistic partnerships that should involve government, business, church, community, faith-based charities and secular charities and many others working together to strengthen and support Australian fathers." It might be noted that the above quotation from the preamble to The 12pt Plan was formed by over two dozen different delegates representing both faith based and non faith based charities and groups who unanimously voted to support the above statement and all of the policy directions as stated in The 12pt Plan. The 12pt Plan came out of the historic Fatherhood Forum convened by the Fatherhood Foundation, 10th February 2003, Federal Parliament, Canberra.

The Fatherhood Foundation is a tax deductible entity and harm prevention charity fully authorised by the Australian government which has developed a solid track record of achievement. The Fatherhood Foundation has played an historic role in the work of restoring and strengthening Australian fathers. We invite you to work with us to turn the tide of fatherlessness by promoting excellence in fathering. Our goal is to make excellence in fathering the norm of everyday life in Australia and be a fatherhood resource for the rest of the world. The Fatherhood Foundation believes that promoting excellence in fathering is the most cost effective way to reduce the risk of harm and abusive behaviours within the broader community. Your financial and practical support is greatly appreciated. Our children deserve the best - why not give it to them?


Warwick & Alison Marsh
Founders of the Fatherhood Foundation
Warwick & Alison Marsh



Vision Mission Values

The Fatherhood Foundation is a tax deductible Harm Prevention Charity, dedicated to the promotion of excellence in fathering.

Vision . . .

The vision of the Fatherhood Foundation is to encourage fathers, empower families and help children.

Mission . . .

The mission of the Fatherhood Foundation is to improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, committed and loving fathers.

Strategy . . .

Educating and inspiring all people, and especially fathers, through electronic media, awareness campaigns, mentoring courses, research and other resources.

Equipping and developing leaders of national, state and community fathering initiatives through forums, conferences, festivals, mentoring courses, curricula, training and technical assistance.

Engaging every sector of society through strategic alliances and partnerships.

Values . . .

To achieve all of the above in a true spirit of integrity and humility whilst remaining open and accountable at all times.


Strategic Plan

Educational Media & TV for Adults and Children The Fatherhood Foundation’s goal is to provide positive fathering information and creative family based TV & film production that will educate and entertain. Well produced TV ads that highlight the power of positive fathering could change public perception of the importance of fathering. Currently our non-profit TV production arm, Australian Heart Productions (AHP), is finishing work on a ½ hour pilot in a 13 part series called, ‘Australian Heart with the Marshes’. This series is a real life, travel documentary with positive family role models and interviews with other Aussie families. AHP is working on a five minute educational series focusing on families and fathers called ‘Heartfelt’. Another proposal for a TV show called ‘Aussie Families’ is also being developed.

‘fathersonline.org’ The world wide web is expanding at a record rate with a huge take up in Australian homes and business. The Fatherhood Foundation aims to build up a large internet communication network to support busy fathers in a busy world. The concept is simple, a weekly email through ‘fathersonline.org’ that will inspire men to be fathers of excellence. The concept is to use quotable quotes from proven sources to encourage men much like the quotes found in this strategic plan. If you enjoy these enclosed sayings, you will enjoy ‘fathersonline.org’.

Fun for Families Father and son sport and games. Father and daughter outing and family activities. Australians love their sport. Why not find sports that can include children and their dads? What a great excuse to spend time together. Other options include camping, travelling and other organized opportunities. The concept would be to get the community involved at a grass roots level as much as possible. The possibilities are endless. The Fatherhood Foundation would be a catalyst for these types of father-friendly family activities.

Fatherhood Courses and Family Success Seminars The Fatherhood Foundation is able to provide courses and seminars for fathers wanting to move to excellence in fathering. The title for the course is ’Good to Great Fatherhood Mentoring Course for the 21st Century’, dealing with such issues as love commitment, sex, faith, friendship, fun, respect, authority and trust.

Fatherhood Success Seminars for Single Dads The Fatherhood Foundation will provide help for single and divorced fathers, through training seminars and courses to meet their needs.

Quality Research The Fatherhood Foundation wants to sponsor quality research into the results of living in a fatherless society and to quantify the social impact of family breakdown. The final outcome of all research would be to find ways to overcome the problems and provide positive answers. In Australia this is an issue that lacks in-depth positive research.

Fatherhood Forums and Conferences, Public Speaking Tours/Seminars The Fatherhood Foundation will sponsor overseas experts on fathering such as Adrienne Burgess, Dr Wade Horn, Rob Parsons,(The Sixty Minute Father), Dr Ken Canfield (National Fathering Center, Kansas, USA) and Dr James Dobson (Focus on the Family). Australia has excellent fathering educators such as Steve Biddulph, Daniel Petre and Ian Grant from NZ who may also be included. To fund such speaking tours and conferences will be expensive but ultimately well worth the investment in the families of Australia.

Public Media Announcements on the need for increased support for fathers and to focus public debate on the right of every child to have both a father and a mother.


Fatherhood Foundation History

The development of the Fatherhood Foundation began in the late 90s . It was officially incorporated on 1st May 2002 as a charitable non profit incorporated association with Warwick Marsh, Alison Marsh, Phil Latz, Geoff Moses and Michael Baker as the founding board members. After the sad passing of Michael Baker in 2005, Mark Sewell joined the board, along with Ron Hellyer from Broken Hill. On 27th Aril 2006 the Fatherhood Foundation was fully endorsed by the Australian government as a Harm Prevention Tax Deductible Charity. The head office for the Fatherhood Foundation is in Wollongong, NSW. The goal of the Fatherhood Foundation is to inspire men to a greater level of excellence as fathers for the benefit of their children. Even a 10% improvement in fathering could save Australia 1.3 billion dollars per year, according to Dr Bruce Robinson, author of ‘Fathering from the Fast Lane’. Dr Bruce Robinson estimated the cost of the fatherlessness in Australia to be over 13 billion dollars per year.

Initiatives launched or sponsored by the Fatherhood Foundation include:
  • Collecting and strategically disseminating groundbreaking research on the causes and effects of fatherlessness. (Pt1,2,8,9,)
  • Family positive television campaigns with broad coverage. (3,15,17)
  • Production of ‘Fathersonline’ a free weekly email to encourage and equip busy dads. (4,)
  • National speaking tours on family and fatherhood. (5,9,10,)
  • Direct involvement with Parliamentarians and policy makers to encourage awareness and positive action on issues which confront Australian fathers. (2,5,6,7,8,9,10,13,14,16)
  • Pioneering the Good to Great Fatherhood Mentoring Course for the 21st Century. (13)
  • Supporting and strengthening Australian marriages by forming the National Marriage Coalition. (14)
  • Formulating a costed proposal for a three year programme worth $13 million, ‘Australian Fatherhood Initiative Media & Mentoring Strategy’. (12)

Further information follows on the different initiatives of the Fatherhood Foundation.

The Fatherhood Foundation initiated the publishing of the Fatherlessness Fact Sheet through Bill Muehlenberg of the Australian Family Association. The Fatherlessness Fact Sheet has become a media and parliamentary resource sheet used by politicians of all political parties. It has now been updated and revised four times and has become Australia’s most broadly circulated fact sheet on fathering.


The Fatherhood Foundation research document on Fatherlessness and The ‘12pt Plan’ were used by Andrew Evans, leader of the Family first Party in the South Australian Upper House, when Mr Evans moved his historic motion for an Inquiry in the Status of Fathers. This motion was subsequently passed by all Members of the Upper House: Labor, Liberal, Democrats and independents including Family First. This was the first inquiry of its kind held anywhere in Australia and became another milestone in the restoration of fatherhood. It is significant to note that the vote for this inquiry was unanimous across party lines. The Fatherhood Foundation believes this is a reflection of the bipartisan support that the Fatherhood Foundation has achieved at a Federal level for the restoration of fatherhood in Australia. Acknowledgement is also given to Andrew Evans MLC and the Family First Party along with many other fathering organisations and charities all over Australia.

In August 2002 the Fatherhood Foundation launched the ‘My Dad’ media campaign. Three community service announcements featuring children talking about their dads were broadcast on over 26 commercial TV stations across Australia including Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10 and regional networks. In August 2003 the Fatherhood Foundation launched the ‘Thank God for Fathers’ campaign with people on the street talking about their fathers. The same approach was used for a three advert series called ‘Love Your Mum’ for Mothers Day 2003. The Fatherhood Foundation’s main role is to educate and inspire fathers, but we are equally supportive of the important role mothers play in families. The Fatherhood Foundation has also sponsored family mentoring TV programs for Optus cable and our production arm is finalising an educational / family pilot show for Australia commercial TV. Several other media projects are at pre-production stage. In March 2004 the Fatherhood Foundation initiated an outdoor billboard advertising campaign called: ‘Fatherhood Leaves an Impression for Life’. The approximate worth of this media campaign is $150,000. The Fatherhood Foundation would like to acknowledge the kind support of Trevor Suitor and the Men of Integrity Australia.

On Fathers’ Day, 1st September 2002, the Fatherhood Foundation launched its free weekly email/fatherhood encouragement ezine called ‘fathersonline’. This weekly email features encouragement and success strategies for busy dads. Several fathers contribute to the many stories for dads including single dads, granddads, dads with young children, all mixed together with feature stories and a good dose of laughter. Reception for fathersonline has been excellent and the subscriber list has grown exponentially since its inception. Fathers in other countries are subscribing and the newsletter is often passed on in its hundreds to other networks.

The founder of the Fatherhood Foundation, Warwick Marsh, has spoken at Fatherhood Success Seminars in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Warwick has also spoken in Parliament House Canberra, community centres, councils, schools, teachers’ staff meetings, dads’ groups, men’s groups and church groups. Other courses and seminars are in the planning stages.

The Fatherhood Foundation organised a copy of Dr Bruce Robinson’s book, ‘Fathering from the Fast Lane’, to be given to every member of the Senate and House of Representatives for Christmas 2002. On Wednesday, 19th March 2003 the Fatherhood Foundation sponsored a Fatherhood Workshop Dinner in Parliament House, Canberra with kind assistance from Hon Kerry Bartlett. The workshop featured the Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson & the previous leader of the opposition Hon Kim Beazley.

The Fatherhood Foundation convened the first ever Fathering Forum in Parliament House, Canberra on 10th February, 2003 with over 35 people in attendance. The Fathering Forum was sponsored in parliament by Senator Paul Calvert, President of the Senate. Twenty-five delegates spoke at the forum. The delegates represented a wide range of men’s groups, family law reform groups, education & training institutions, academics, social researchers and psychologists, drug rehabilitation organisations, prison charities, social reform networks, church groups, journalists and media, family focussed charitable organisations and fatherhood institutions. All came at their own cost with a common goal to strengthen and support Australian fathers and ‘to turn the tide of fatherlessness’ in Australia. The Fathering Forum was an overwhelming success.

Over the next few months with the help of a smaller subcommittee, The 12pt Plan was drafted and passed by overwhelming consensus. The 12pt Plan was released in Parliament House on 26th June, 2003 by Mark Latham, Shadow Treasurer of the Labor Party with support from Hon Larry Anthony, Minister for Youth & Children and Hon Ross Cameron, then Secretary to Minister for Family & Community. Media coverage was excellent through print media in several states as well as mainstream media. The 12pt Plan was then mailed out to every Federal and State parliamentarian and every Lord Mayor of every council in Australia. The response has been excellent in every respect with numerous individuals and political parties implementing policy positions from The 12pt Plan to strengthen and support Australian fathers.

The Fatherhood Foundation was invited by the Federal Government to represent men and fathers at a Suicide Prevention Forum held in Canberra on 6 & 7th May 2003.
The Fatherhood Foundation was called to testify in support of it’s submission to the parliamentary inquiry into Shared Parenting and Family Law Reform on 1st September, 2003 in Wollongong. A record of the Fatherhood Foundation’s submission and subsequent testimony are on Parliamentary Hansard for public inspection.

In 18th & 19th August, prior to Fathers’ Day, the Fatherhood Foundation organised the inaugural national Strategic Conference on Fatherhood in parliament House. The NSCF was sponsored into parliament by Senator Paul Calvert, President of the Senate. The NSCF was a pivotal point in the restoration of fatherhood in the nation. Our keynote speaker, Adrienne Burgess from the UK did an excellent job. We also had input from Mark Latham, Shadow Treasurer for the Labor Party as well as Labor Senator John Hogg, Hon Larry Anthony, Minister for Youth & Children, Hon Ross Cameron and even the Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson who gave an excellent speech. Pru Goward, Sex Discrimination Commissioner along with Bettina Arndt also spoke. Many others spoke and contributed, and further policy was developed. Over 80 key leaders registered for the NSCF. Media coverage was quite broad, especially radio and print. During the NSCF an Awards Ceremony to honour those key leaders who had worked on behalf of fatherhood and fathers in Australia was inaugurated. Some of those recognised included Barry Williams, Senator Hon Paul Calvert, MP Hon Roger Price, Wes Carter, Professor Graeme Russell, Rex Finch, Paul Osborne and Aboriginal Elder Ron Williams. Ps Ron Williams was a key inspiration in the formation of the Fatherhood Foundation. Sadly Ron passed away ten weeks after the NSCF. Such was his stature in the community that a memorial service was held for him in the Great Hall of Parliament House. The NSCF produced a 15 point policy action plan for change and became an historic milestone in the process of the restoration of fatherhood in Australia. Transcripts from some of the speeches made are available at www.fathersonline.org. The conference was a huge encouragement to the many people working for positive change for fatherhood in Australia.

Formulated and developed as a seven module strategy, 600 page fully researched publication, using key media, outdoor advertising, TV advertising, National Fatherhood Magazine and ‘Breakthru in Fatherhood’ TV documentary. The media campaign would feature positive images and messages about fathering with a comprehensive fatherhood website with full listing of federal government men-in-families help programs and practical advice for younger and older fathers with a 24/7 fatherhood phone line. The website would be backed up by an Australian fatherhood fact book with up to the minute Australian and overseas fatherhood research, all compiled into one easy to read publication and distributed to government agencies and community leaders. Also included, a full costing for a Fatherhood Summit with a three year Fatherhood Mentoring Strategy. Minimum investment for the Australian Fatherhood Initiative – Media & Mentoring Strategy: ten million dollars, maximum investment: one hundred million dollars with governmental expenditure savings between one hundred million and one thousand million (one billion) dollars over a three year period.

Formulated and pioneered in May/June 2004 in two locations in the Illawarra. The intensive eight week training course was supported by local council and other community and church organisations. The Good to Great Mentoring Course featured some of the best fatherhood speakers in Australia eg Dr Bruce Robinson, author of Fathering from the Fast Lane, Western Australia and Brig Jim Wallace, previous commander of Australia’s SAS. The course gave foundational information and skills to assist men to better understand and prioritise their relationships as fathers and husbands. Good to Great included the following topics: goal setting, keys for success as a father, keeping love alive, the place of romance in marriage, moral integrity, listening and communication, fun and laughter, friendship, spiritual dynamics, the power of honour and respect, servant leadership, team management and work/family balance. The Good to Great Mentoring Course was a great success and judging by the comments of participants was a transformative experience par excellence. Pru Goward and the Lord Mayor of Wollongong officiated at the Graduation Ceremony and the response both in TV and print media was excellent. More importantly many of the wives of the participants were the first to applaud the practical results of the Good to Great Course. Once sufficient funds become available, it is planned to roll the Good to Great Fatherhood Mentoring Course for the 21st Century out on a national basis.

In March / April 2004 the Fatherhood Foundation, in partnership with Men of Integrity, Port Macquarie and Australian Posters, conducted a three month media campaign using 6m X 3m outdoor billboard advertising strategically placed in Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle. The commercial value of this campaign was over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars but was achieved at a fraction of this cost through a strategic arrangement with all three parties.

On 4th August 2004, the Fatherhood Foundation organised the National Marriage Forum in conjunction with the Australian Christian Lobby and the Australian Family Association to protect and support marriage in Australia. The Fatherhood Foundation published ‘Twenty One Reasons Why Marriage Matters’ a groundbreaking combination of the best Australian and American research in the importance of marriage for the benefit of children. The primary reason why marriage matters is that marriage increases the likelihood that fathers have good relationships with their children. Successful marriage and successful fatherhood are inextricably linked and research from around the world shows this to be the case. The National Marriage Coalition is also the initiative of the Fatherhood Foundation and can be viewed at www.marriage.org.au

In August/September 2004 the Fatherhood Foundation initiated the ‘Dads are Cool’ TV advertising national campaign with many Australian TV stations running the Community Service Announcements (CSAs). New campaigns have run every year since the Fatherhood Foundation was formalised in 2002.

To further advance the cause of Australian dads and support Australian children, the Fatherhood Foundation formed the National Fatherhood Coalition, www.fatherhoodcoalition.org.au in conjunction with the Lone Fathers Association and well over thirty men’s, fathers and church organisations and family charities to lobby Federal Government for positive father / family friendly reform at all levels of Australian society. With the links and relationships from these thirty initial organisations, approximately 300 total groups and organisations were reached. The 2004 elections highlighted the huge interest in the restoration of the family unit. The Fatherhood Foundation has played a big part in positive policy development at both a state and federal level. Warwick Marsh, founder of the Fatherhood Foundation, was one of the featured speakers at Western Australia’s first Fatherhood Forum held in Perth in September 2004. Many of the forum’s recommendations are very similar to the Fatherhood Foundation’s 12pt Plan release on 26th June 2003.

Further TV campaigns to support and encourage both motherhood and fatherhood were run in 2005, 2006 and 2007 for both Mother's Day and Father's Day. Over the past 6 years the Fatherhood Foundation has secured between 5 and 10 million dollars worth of TV advertising through community service advertisements promoting fatherhood and families in Australia.

Men and women gathered from every state of Australia 8-9 August 2005 for the inaugural Sexual Integrity Forum.

A groundbreaking fatherhood event held 21st June 2005. The theme was ‘Restoring Fatherhood & Renewing Families’. 75 delegates attended with over 45 parliamentarians indicating they would attend the Open Session for Parliamentarians.

The fatherhood movement is gaining momentum and the process of reform is accelerating in the nation of Australia, due in no small part to the ongoing work of the Fatherhood Foundation.


Forward Plan

The Fatherhood Foundation is committed to the restoration of fatherhood in Australia. Australian fathers can be fathers of excellence. This will mean moving from being just good fathers to being great fathers. The Fatherhood Foundation is committed to producing high quality TV CSAs, TV media and media advertisements to promote better fathering. The Fatherhood Foundation will continue to publish its weekly fathersonline.org ezine for busy dads. We are working on further quality Australian research and publications to support and encourage Aussie fathers. Mentoring programs for fathers, young men and boys will need to be produced. The Fatherhood Foundation is working towards taking its ‘Good to Great’ mentoring courses for fathers, which it ran in the first half of 2004, to the rest of the nation. These courses were a huge success and the graduation ceremony was attended by Pru Goward, Sexual Discrimination Commissioner, and the Lord Mayor of Wollongong, Alex Darling. We see the ‘Good to Great - Fatherhood Mentoring Course for the 21st Century’ as one of the main grass-root strategies to help Australian fathers become ‘fathers of excellence’. To complete this program on a national basis we need to see a substantial increase in provision of funding.

The Fatherhood Foundation is working towards a third Fatherhood, Marriage & Family Forum at Parliament House, Canberra later in 2007. The Fatherhood Foundation is seeking to link in with other organisations both here and overseas to promote the restoration of fatherhood in Australia. Children need fathers and mothers. Strong families will guarantee a strong nation. The Fatherhood Foundation seeks to partner with families, the community, business, church and government to make this happen. Our children deserve the best fathers in the world. Together we can do it!


Foundational Beliefs

The Fatherhood Foundation is a harm prevention charity dedicated to prevention and the control of behaviour that is harmful or abusive to the life of human beings.

Fatherlessness has been shown by the social sciences to contribute to an increase in child poverty, child sexual abuse, child physical abuse, increased levels of child mortality between conception and birth, child emotional abuse, child physical abuse, child and adult drug abuse, child and adult increase in suicide, child and adult self harm and much other destructive and abusive human behaviour. Therefore the principal activity of the Fatherhood Foundation is the prevention of such abusive human behaviours by the promotion of excellence in fathering, which shall henceforth be taken to mean:

Fathers who are, in word and deed, responsible, involved, protective, loving and committed to the well-being of their children and their children’s mother.

Children are the most vulnerable members of our society.
As a harm prevention charity the Fatherhood Foundation is a non partisan and non denominational child protection charity. That is why the Fatherhood Foundation exists. We believe that the best way to protect a child is to help that father of that child do a better job of being a father. The best way to help fathers do a better job is to educate and resource fathers, and to promote excellence in fathering. The Fatherhood Foundation would like to help all fathers be better fathers, no matter what their nationality, age, religion or status.

The Fatherhood Foundation believes that when a child is conceived, a father and a mother also come into being. The child in the womb needs the full protection of both its mother and father. Mothers need maximum support and encouragement throughout their pregnancy. The best person to provide that support is the father of her child. Scientific research into hormone levels shows that a father's hormone levels rise and fall with the mother's hormone levels to sustain greater levels orf nurturing and care both before and after birth. The Fatherhood Foundation believes that the birth of a child is a wonderful miracle. The birth of a baby is often described as a deeply emotional and spiritual experience by fathers and mothers of all nations and of all religious beliefs. The Fatherhood Foundation believes that the creation of life is both a natural and spiritual act. Conception takes place when a man and women make love through sexual intercourse. Therefore we believe that sexual intercourse is both a natural and spiritual experience and should be honoured and respected by all. Sexual union is not a commodity to be bought and sold at will, but a beautiful expression of committed love between a man and a woman deeply in love.

The Fatherhood Foundation believes that committed marriage is the best way to protect and channel that love, which is capable of producing a child. We believe that marriage is the intimate, loving covenantal partnership between a man and a woman for life. Children have a mother and father for life. Marriage is the best way to protect a continuous and warm relationship with a child's mother and father throughout the life of a child. The Fatherhood Foundation believes that marriage is a greater social good that protects and benefits children and the whole community. Successful loving marriages decrease the likelihood of child sexual abuse, child physical abuse, domestic violence against women, mental illness in children, infant mortality and child health outcomes, child poverty and the likelihood of children engaging in criminal behaviour of drug abuse. Marriage is the foundation for the family, where children may be born and grow in security and love. Every child has a right to both a mother and a father and this right is only truly enjoyed by the child when a man and woman live in a committed marital relationship in mutual respect with fidelity.

The Fatherhood Foundation believes that every child has the right in the event of divorce or parental separation to equal contact with both the mother and the father unless there are proven mitigating circumstances. Family law should provide and reflect this right to protect the best interests of the child.

The Fatherhood Foundation believes in and advocates for gender equality. However we believe that each gender is unique and special and we affirm that difference. The Fatherhood Foundation believes in the need for gender advocacy. We believe that responsible gender advocates should recognise the uniqueness of each gender and the complimentarity of the male and female of the species. The Fatherhood Foundation believes in the need for gender reconciliation and affirms that committed, loving caring and covenantal marriages are the highest expression of gender reconciliation. The Fatherhood Foundation believes that there is a natural tension between the male and female gender and it is in a committed marriage between a man and a woman that this tension is continually resolved in a loving and gracious way. Children learn conflict resolution by observing their mothers and fathers resolve the gender conflict that naturally occurs in a committed loving marital relationship. Successful marriages between men and women help girls and boys confirm their own gender and avoid gender disorientation that can occur in formative years.

The Fatherhood Foundation believes that as the conception and birth of a child is both a natural and spiritual experience. As birth is a natural and spiritual experience so is fatherlessness both a natural and spiritual problem. The problem of fatherlessness in our nation can be solved if we, as groups and individuals, work together for the common good. The greatest resource this country possesses lies in the families of our nation. At the same time, the strength of our families depends on the quality of the relationships between its mothers and fathers. The quality of the relationships between mothers and fathers and their children will determine the destiny of Australia. The future of Australia lies in the character of her children. Equipping and supporting fathers and mothers in their relationships helps ensure that our children have the best possible future.

The Fatherhood Foundation believes that every child has the fundamental right to both a mother and a father. The best way to secure this right is to establish a loving and stable marriage between a man and a woman for life. This long-term relationship facilitates the rights of grandmothers and grandfathers to continued access and valuable input into their grandchildren.

The overwhelming conclusion of current social science research has shown that the best environment for children is a two heterosexual-parent household. The best way to ensure strong families is to support strong marriages. This traditional family unit - a loving father, mother and their children - is the best way to nurture, educate and protect children. This is the best social security system the world has ever known.

However for a variety of different reasons, many fathers do not find themselves in a marriage relationship. Therefore irrespective of their marital status, we want to support all dads to fulfil their role as effective fathers.

Fatherlessness can be defined as the absence of an active, positive father-influence in the lives of children. Fatherlessness is both a natural and spiritual problem. It needs strategic and synergistic partnerships that should involve government, business, church, community, faith-based and secular charities and many others working together to strengthen and support Australian fathers.

The founders and members of the Fatherhood Foundation acknowledge that Australia's constitution and governmental system is framed on its Judaeo-Christian heritage. The Judaeo-Christian heritage of our legal system dates back to Great Britain's Westminster system of government which bases it history on the Magna Carta, King Alfred the great and ultimately takes it's foundation from the Old and New Testament.

Australia's constitution, which dates back to our Federation in 1901, states in the preamble 'Humbly relying on the blessings of Almighty God'. The Fatherhood Foundation is a faith based charity and as such the original and amended constitution of the Fatherhood Foundation and its founding members and board members openly declare the same, ‘humble reliance on the blessings of Almighty God’. The Fatherhood Foundation’s constitution is predicated on the same biblical belief system, that is, the foundation for our Westminster style of government. The Ten Commandments form the basis for Australia’s legal system and high ethical standards of public accountability. Therefore it is to be noted that the core beliefs of the members and board members of the Fatherhood Foundation and the constitution of the Fatherhood Foundation are by description Christian and based on a biblical world view, which uphold the highest level of honesty, transparency, humility and accountability at all times in all business dealings in all human relationships.

Our goal is to glorify our Father in heaven in all we do and say and inspire those around us to know His love by the example of our lives. Our mentor and example is the Lord Jesus Christ who we believe to be the author and finisher of our faith. Jesus Christ came to this earth to serve and not to be served and we as the founding members of the Fatherhood Foundation proclaim our desire to follow in his footsteps of service for our fellow man, but at the same time we acknowledge our inability and weakness before all men. We invite comment, evaluation and scrutiny of all the activities of the Fatherhood Foundation to ensure that the highest standard of ethics in all dealings is both upheld and achieved at all times.


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